The origin of Duo Macchia



Daniel Jaun and Gerrit Boeschoten were on a small Italian island just to spend their time in leisure. They were taken by the desire for a hike, and they chose as their destination the heart of the town, formed by the old castle, of which the towering silhouette stood high on top of the hill. As roads and streets are more for the ordinary tourist they decided to avoid unnecessary detours and went straight, in the shortest possible way, to their destination. So far it was beautiful…
In good spirits they climbed their first little wall, left decaying farmhouses behind them and entered deeper and deeper into the thorny shrubs, the Macchia… And very soon there was no more going through. Everywhere prickly thorns hooked in, snakes sneaked away in the undergrowth, and their thirst burned just as much as their scratched legs.
From then on it became terrible…
The fight went on for hours.  And in their heated heads a decision started to grow.  If there would be a way out of this inferno, they would start a joint enterprise.
They managed to save themselves and never a beer had tasted better. From that moment on they have called themselves Duo Macchia and they have played together up to this day.